Type of Plants

Ing Naddeo & C. is at the forefront in the design and construction of industrial plants.



° Paint stripping booth with MEK, and paint removal plant
° Sanding booth and paint preparation
° Paint and dry booth for helicopters finish line painting
° Semi-automatic plants for painting helicopter transmissions
° Semi-automatic plants for painting of small and medium-sized parts
° Clean room for the manufacture of parts in composite materials


° Automatic painting systems for liquid and powder coatings
° Painting plants with pretreatment based on nanotechnology and liquid-powder paint application
° Automatic systems for the coating of LPG tanks
° Paint and dry booth for railway carriages
° Automatic system for blasting and painting frames cart in the railway sector
° Wet and dry type oven and paint booth


° Automatic galvanizing plant


° Heating/Cooling System
° Water/Fire System
° Compressed air production system
° Fire/Water supply
° Natural/LPG gas distribution network
° Compressed air networks

ECOLOGY, with three different types:


° VOC Abatement System Dry
° VOC Recovery System
° Extraction systems for the asbestos insulation removal
° Cartridge filters with automatic air backwash
° Dust Recovery Systems
° Vacuum cleaners trolley with activated carbon for welding fumes
° Workbenches suction extraction systems for wood and metal shaving


° Purifiers such as "package" for water painting
° Physical-chemical-biological industrial plants


° Semi-anechoic and anechoic chambers
° Soundproof booths for presses
° Mono and bi absorbing walls
° Soundproofing rooms and compressors
° Installing baffles
° Unvoiced capsules for special machines