About Us

The most advanced techniques and the most advanced solutions in the field of industrial painting. From design to installation, from formation to technical support.

Naddeo is synonymous with many qualities. Naddeo for the environment: advanced ecological systems.

The Ing. Naddeo & C. Industrial Systems Ltd. is a company specialized in the planning,construction and installation of industrial systems in the ecological sector (air, water, noise), treatment and surface finishing (sanding, degreasing, pickling, powder and liquid painting), treatment ovens (drying, polymerization, curing), mechanical engineering (reciprocators, actuators etc.).

Sectors of activity:

  • Industry
  • Treatment and surface finishing
  • Systems for ecology
  • Plant Services

Our company is certified UNI ISO EN 9001:2008, UNI ISO EN 14001:2004, SOA Cat. OG11-IV Bis and SOA Cat. OS18A-III .

How and What we doing

The Ing Naddeo & C. Industiral Plant Ltd is a dynamic company that has the flexibility that has made its hallmark, dealing with all issues relating to the areas of surface finishing, with particular attention to the painting of metals with the use of most modern technologies on the market mostly in the aeronautic industry.


The factory of ING. Naddeo & C. INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS Srl is equipped with machinery for manufacturing and processing of steel products, in particular machines for cutting, bending and calendering the metal sheets, all numerically controled.


Ing Naddeo & C. is at the forefront in the design and construction of industrial plants.